Casares - Hiking trails

Route 6: La Zarabanda – Las Hoyas

Distance: 3.4 miles
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Min.Height: 19 feets
Max.Height: 275 feets
Level: Easy
Conditions: Short distance, good surfaces, gentle slopes.

This route begins on the A-377 road, taking a path that descends the Barranco de la Zarabanda towards the Guadiaro river. It continues through the path de Las Rosas España that runs parallel to the river heading north. The route leaves this path by taking a detour on the right, next to the Pacheco country house, and ascends the Barranco de Las Hoyas to reach the starting point. This circular route runs the same 2.7 km at the beginning and end.

As an alternative, the route can be shortened by starting it from the Guadiaro river, near the Barrancón country house. The route goes up through the Barranco de las Hoyas and goes down through the Zarabanda stream. This alternative route is 5.5 km long and lasts less than two hours.

The landscape of the Zarabanda stream is formed by reed beds, wild olive trees, cork oaks and Mediterranean vegetation. Near the Guadiaro river there are large areas of citrus tree farms.