Casares - Hiking trails

Route 8: Camino de Jimena

Distance: 4,9 miles (one way)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Min.Height: 94 feets
Max.Height: 1.256 feets
Level: Medium difficulty
Conditions: Medium distance, uneven surfaces. More difficult if returning by the same route.

Ermita Virgen del Rosario (Casares

The route begins in Plaza de España going down Calle Juan Cerón, continuing along the Cerro del Horca on the right side. Here there is a monument commemorating the victims of the Civil War. Once you go past it, there is a signposted turn to the right past the Pasada del Rosario. Soon afterwards, you need to cross the Tocón stream to go up a slope until you get to road A-377.

After crossing the road, the path continues past the Cortijo de Santa Victoria, going down towards the citrus plains of the Finca Coatesa, ending in an asphalted slope. Here, you must turn left, passing by the Cerro de los Nogales and reaching the Genal river soon after. You can easily wade across the river since it is quite shallow, although this cannot be done in rainy weather. After crossing the river, the Jimena trail goes up via an avenue lined with palm trees on both sides, until it reaches the chapel of la Virgen del Rosario del Campo, patron saint of Casares.