Casares - Hiking trails

Route 10: Camino de los Molinos – Baños de la Hedionda

Distance: 9.7 miles
Duration: 5 – 6 hours
Min.Height: 127 feets
Max.Height: 1.226 feets
Level: Moderate
Conditions: Long distance, uneven surfaces, river crossings, 1.100 ascent/descent.

The route begins in Casares’ Plaza de España and reaches the Baths of la Hedionda, parallel to the los Molinos stream. The toponym refers to the numerous traditional Andalusian hydraulic mills (molinos in Spanish) next to the river, which provided the region with flour in the 16th Century. The path has some bumpy sections and many changes in direction. As a result, it’s a good idea to watch out for the white and green signs along the route.

It starts at Calle Juan Cerón. After the first 1.3 km it reaches a crossroad where you need to go right, continuing towards the south. After 300 m, it reaches a wooden bridge next to the San Pablo Factory. It continues along a path for 600 m that goes across the river, passing by the Abajo Mill and crossing the river again. Next, the path turns left and starts ascending via a bumpy trail that goes beyond the Madrileño Mill, passing by a stable and reaching the ruins of the Cancón Mill. The route then goes along the eastern side of the valley, moving away from the river and ascending alongside the spectacular karstic canyon of los Molinos. It continues to descend until it goes past the Ánimas Mill and then, turning into a dirt road, it reaches the Baths of La Hedionda.