Casares - Hiking trails

Route 4: La Acedía- Pasada del Pino

Distance: 7.8 miles
Duration: 3.5 hours
Min.Height: 639 feets
Max.Height: 1.893 feets
Level: Moderate
Conditions: Medium distance, some uneven surfaces, total ascent/descent of 1.600 feets.

The route begins at the junction of the MA-8300 road with the path that access the Acedía valley, and crosses the public mountain of the same name. There are two options: the long route and the short one. Both routes go along a trail surrounded by Cork Oaks, the predominant tree in this landscape. As the itinerary approaches the foothills of Sierra Bermeja, the landscape changes as the Cork Oaks are replaced with Resin Pines, a consequence of a dramatic change of soils. From this point, the short route (SL-4A) returns to the starting point, while the long one (SL-4B) keeps approachig Sierra Bermeja through the hollow known as Pasada del Pino. The long route pass by a landfill (vulture feeder). The last part of both routes is identical.

The mountain backdrop of the entire route is Sierra Bermeja, one of the best world exhibitions of peridotite, the dominant rock of the upper part of Earth’s mantle. These types of rocks generate soils that are highly toxic for plants; therefore, only plant species specially adapted to these hostile conditions can grow, a characteristic that makes them unique.