La Manga – Celima – Arroyo Hondo

Distance: 4 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Min.Height: 1.122 feets
Max.Height: 1.806 feets
Level: Moderate
Conditions: Short distance, uneven surfaces, a few steep slopes.

This is no. 3 of the Council’s waymarked routes. It starts at Los Ponys by the bus parking area at 1. We climb a small path which after about 1 1/4 miles leads us to the crossroads between the paths of La Manga and Celima. Turning right we begin our descent along the Celima path, passing an area of scattered housing and on the right the road that leads to the Hotel Hermitage. After about 1 1/4 miles we reach the road at 2. Turning left, we go about 300 yards, and having passed the Arroyo Hondo restaurant we turn right up a track until we reach the intersection with the waymarked Arroyo Hondo route. Here we turn right to go back to Casares.

The key elements of this route are the spectacular views over the Mediterranean towards Gibraltar and the mountains of Africa. The Casares countryside along this walk also offers us exuberant woodland with cork and gall oaks and Mediterranean thicket.