Casares - Hiking trails

Route 7: Cerro del Calvario

Distance: 1.2 miles
Duration: 1 hour
Min.Height: 1.370 feets
Max.Height: 1.540 feets
Level: Easy
Conditions: Short distance, good surfaces, some slopes with loose soil undefoot.

Vía Crucis (Casares)

This short linear route provides some of the best panoramic views over Casares’ town centre. Starting at the coach parking next to the road, at first it shares about 250 metres with local route 3, until it reaches a diversion to the left to go up towards the Bird-watching Lookout Point. The lookout point is located on an old arms depot built in 1810 during the Peninsular War. In the 18th Century it was a Calvary, and in the Middle Ages it was an Andalusian hermitage. Towards the west you can see some of the Stations of the Cross which, starting at the Capuchin convent of Casares, went all the way up to this Calvary.

This spot is furnished to facilitate its use as a bird watching lookout point. As well as the wonderful views over Casares looking out towards the south, you can also see the Sierra de la Utrera, the Strait of Gibraltar and, on clear days, the mountains of the African Rift. To go back, you just need to walk back the way you came.