The tragic final

In 1931 he returned to Seville and the Notaría of Coria. There he remined until his arrest on August 2 1936, and son the final trip began. The Falangist that captured him had orders that he should not live, but Blas Infante’s friends were able to save his life on that occasion. In Seville he was put firs in a small station of the Falange, and later was thrown into a prision with other many detainees.

Andalucía desconocida (1930)

Finally, around 11 at night on August 10, together with other prisoners, he was driven in a truck toward the highway of Carmona. At the km 4 mark, during that hot right of San Lorenzo, anonymous finger pulled the trigger and shot dead the renowned Casareño, Blas Infante leader of the movement for Andalusía.

Photography: Sevilla 1936 (ICAS-SAHP, Fototeca Municipal de Sevilla. Archivo Serrano)