The first years

On July 4, 1885 in Calle Carrera 46, Casares, Blas Infante Pérez was born. He was the son of Luis Infante Andrades and Ginesa Pérez Romo, a well-off farmers’ family with deep roots in the area. Infante passed his childhood in the town, remaining there until he was 11 years old. In this way, he came to know rural life and the problems of the Andalusian peasant (day labourers, gypsies, and peasants). From 12 to 14 years Blas Infante was a student boarder at the Escuelas Pías de Archidona and later on at the Institute of Málaga, until the end of high school years.

Blas Infante

He the returned to his native village, interrupting his studies to work in the Municipal Tribunal of Casares.

In 1904, thanks to a great sacrifice by his parents, he was able to enroll as a free student in the Facultad de Derecho de Granada (Faculty of Law) and finished there between June and September of 1906.

Casares, 1934 (Archivo Temboury)

Photograph: Casares, 1934 (Temboury’ Archive)

In October of that same years he took the licentiate exams, passing with honours. Then, in order to practice his profession, he sat competitive examinations to obtain the post of notary. He succeeded in 1909, but had to wait until he was twenty five before being able to take his proper place in the Notaría de Cantillana (Sevilla).