Casares de las Mujeres

A project to recover the role of women in Casares throughout history

Mujeres de Casares: musicians
The fandango celebration

The Fandango of Casares is a local variety of the fandango of Malaga, a musical memory of the popular rural fiesta of candlelit dances, which were celebrated in Casares and many other towns. However, this ancient celebration has enjoyed the longevity necessary in our town for generations of Casares residents to recreate the old fandango in their own way, making it a hallmark of local culture.

Men and women of all ages participated in these dances, although women occupied a prominent position both in the organization of the festival and in the interpretation and preservation of the fandango. Thanks to women such as “Tía Casteza”, Catalina “la Roble”, Juana “la Tronchá”, and Isabel “la Castilla”, among others, our fandango lives on in the Municipal School of Dance and for the new generations.