Route of las Recoveras (Casares)

From Casares to Gibraltar

The route of las Recoveras retraces the journey travelled by local women between Casares and the Gibraltar border. They had no other way of providing for their families after the Civil War, so they had to resort to smuggling low-value products that were hard to come by in this area: sugar, penicillin, coffee, etc. Most of them were Republicans’ widows who received no support from the State after the war. The recoveras travelled this journey under the pressure of all the risks they could face on the road and the worry of leaving their children alone for the three days it took them to get there, make the deal to get the goods in La Línea de la Concepción, and to get back home.

50 km route

Since 2017, on the last Saturday of October, Casares Town Hall organises a commemorative route that covers the 50 km between Casares and Gibraltar. In addition to the event that simply involves hiking, a series of informative and educational activities is offered in parallel, in order to preserve the memory of this difficult time for women in the history of Casares.